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Those Who Serve Their Community Deserve Software and a Company that Serve Them

Our Mission: To write, maintain and support the most user-friendly, state-of-the-art financial software in today’s marketplace while providing the best customer service possible

As a leader in software, American Data Group, Inc. (ADG) has stayed true to its original mission and objective which has allowed us to expand and improve our company, products, and business since 1983.

The primary goal of our company, our software, and our staff is to make the accounting and financial operations process as easy, efficient, and accurate as possible, while keeping you, the client, in mind at all times. Our software is scalable as it is used at organizations with as few as 10 employees to as many as 2,500 with budgets in the range of millions to hundreds of millions. The system’s design provides easy-to-use features for both the small and large client organization while giving you the freedom of choice in technical operating environment.