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Client Testimonials

At ADG, our customers come first. We thrive on serving their needs whether they are a large county or a small utility district. We hope you discover that working with ADG not only meets your needs, but is a truly refreshing experience.

We exclusively help local city and county governments, sheriff’s offices, school districts and utility, or similar, special districts. If you would like to build a relationship with a unique software company that is truly responsive and looking out for the long-term interests of its clients, then please allow us the opportunity to learn more about you and your needs.

Now let’s see what our clients have to say:

“The Orange County Sheriff’s Office is not a typical customer. As one of ADG’s largest clients (200 million annual) our budget would most certainly have enabled us to acquire any of the big name packages out there to satisfy our financial management requirements. However, when it came down to making a decision, we wanted to choose a company whose products not only could provide solutions to our needs, but one whose commitment to their products and their clients would continue long after the initial sale. ADG was our clear choice. As a satisfied customer for over ten years, we currently are utilizing the Fund Managment System(FMS), Fixed Assets System (FAS) and Money Track (MTS)applications.

In today’s dynamic environment, software solutions need to be just as adaptable and flexible in order to maintain functionality. To the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, ADG provides just that.”

making-a-difference-Andy DiLoreto, Assistant Comptroller
Orange County Sheriff’s Office
Orange County, Florida

“The Hilton Head No.1 Public Service District has utilized ADG software for over 8 years. During this time, we have experienced the high level of personalized customer service that ADG support consistently has provided us. We currently utilize the fund management and special assessment modules and have recently converted to their upgraded browser based product for both the fixed asset and utility billing modules. Their financial software offers a wide selection of ‘out of the box’ reports as well as the ability to customize reports. We have found ADG’s modules to be highly intuitive for new users while offering a wide array of functionality for the power user who is involved in complex projects or analyses. Our staff has also been impressed to the extent that this software provides internal controls and warning messages to prevent the user from entering inaccurate information into the system. This feature is very useful and has saved valuable time by avoiding entry errors before they occur. ADG has met or exceeded all of our software needs and special requests. We are extremely impressed by the service they have provided us over the years and highly recommend their product.” 

hilton-head-psd-Larry Sapp, Finance Manager and Brian Cronin, Sr. Accountant
Hilton Head Public Service District
Hilton Head, South Carolina

“The City of Auburndale and ADG have been partnered for over 8 years. We have found their programs and applications to be easy to work with and their support technicians are extremely knowledgeable and expeditious in resolving any issues that may arise.”

city-of-auburndale-Kaye Byrd
Utility Billing Superintendent
City of Auburndale, Florida

“We have been using your system since 1993. We currently employ almost all of your modules.

The utilization of the ADG suite of products has helped us exceed the expected level of service and access for our users and the public at a minimal cost. In these difficult economic times having a reliable, proven, efficient and cost effective system is imperative. There are a lot of great software products on the market today but most do not provide the levels of service or support ADG has made us accustomed to receiving. Your great software is backed up by great people. I grade other vendor’s service and support based on the high bar that ADG has set.

Every time my staff or I call for help, we always get some familiar and knowledgeable support person. A real person; no phone tree to navigate, no annoying scripted Tier 1 level support tech that really does not know the business or product and real help that does not condescend.

It also helps, a lot, to have great software that works! It works, it works, and it works, right out of the box. For as complicated as financials are, this package and all the integrated modules have never given us any reason to doubt the integrity of the data. The reports have always matched the data. Such a simple concept, but some software we have tested, is just was not up to the task.

Your organization has always helped us integrate programs and build utilities that have automated our lives and saved us hundreds of man hours and thousands of dollars by adding features we desired and made custom program changes for our way of doing business. One example is the interface that you wrote for us in one week that took all our purchasing card data and imported it into our AP system so that we would not have to manually enter the data. I do not know of any other system that allows for such rapid deployment and development.

In the end, I believe the software is only as good as the people you have servicing and supporting it; and in ADG’s case you all are the masters. If there is ever a prospective customer or existing customer that wants to come by and see how we use the software; you know where we are located. Then they can talk to real users who use it every day for the past 26 years! 

wheat-ridge-Mike Steinke, MCSE,
Information Technology Manager
City of Wheat Ridge, Colorado

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