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Building Permit System & Code Enforcement

The Building Permits System ( BPS) was designed and developed to assist Planning, and similar, Community Development Departments in tracking permit applications, permit status, money owed and received, land parcel information, legal documents, inspections, contractor licensing and more. Centralizing these functions into a single application simplifies the information processing efforts of personnel as well as reporting information to interested parties.

Highlight Features:

  • When permits and their applications are entered into the system, based on their permit type, certain information/requirements will automatically upload into the permit’s master file. This includes which group the permit belongs to (Planning, Zoning, Building, etc.), required approvals from other departments and/or personnel, required inspections, default valuations and fees associated, default conditions, and select user defined custom fields/questions. This reduces a lot of initial data entry while preventing possible errors!
  • A Contractor Licensing module will accomplish everything from defining various types of license classifications and their requirements, to holding a contractor database which may list valid contractors and their contact information to be given to citizens, and perform license renewal processing from sending letters to posting money received
  • Inspections are automatically required as permits are approved. As inspections are requested, they may be entered in the permit’s master file or into an inspections database where they may be scheduled and tied back to the permit. Once an inspector is assigned and a date is requested, an inquiry will display the inspector’s schedule for that day as to not overbook. Inspectors may then add unlimited notes with attachments to show and describe results discovered
  • Land Parcel data includes zone, function, subdivision, square footage, legal description, warning notes, multiple associated location addresses, notes with attachments, legal documents, and user defined custom fields/questions
  • The system calculates permit valuations, fees, and costs based upon user defined rate tables. Permits may be classified into different valuation types (electrical, mechanical, plumbing, etc.) which may then have associated user defined fee types and calculations. Money received for the permit may be posted against any specific fee to track any unpaid fees. Estimates may also be made on expected fees
  • Unlimited custom, user-defined Letters may be maintained within the system as they pertain to specific permit types, applications, inactive permits, contractors licenses, and more. These letters may be mailed, emailed or both.
  • 30+ various reports and inquires

Additional Code Enforcement module:

  • Store unlimited Violation Codes with an optional amount due, calculation rate, standard response instructions, and user defined letters
  • Post complaints received by location with a description, who reported the complaint, compliance due date, police and court hearing reference, violation fee assessed, contacts, inspections, unlimited notes with attachments, money due and received, and legal documents for the land parcel
  • Reports include statistics, open inspections, hearing docket, open complaints aging report, summary of financials by violation code, and more

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Integrated with:

  • FMS General Ledger
  • FMS Centralized Cash Receipting
  • Location Codes used within Utility Billing, Sales Tax & Business Licensing, and Special Assessments Systems
  • BPS Citizen Link