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Court Management System

ADG’s Court Management System (CMS) is an integrated end-to-end citation tracking system. From citation issue to judgment and recovery, CMS provides ticket and case file management in an easy-to-control, easy-to-use software application. Bringing together all aspects of case management into an effective solution with focused reporting.

Highlight Features:

  • Customized tracking. Majority of the data fields within CMS are customizable to fit your standard operational language. Customization is available for:
    • Ticket/Case type
    • Case Status
    • Fees & Fines Assessed (court costs, victim assistance, bond fees, warrant fees, etc.)
    • Court Transactions based on Case Actions
    • Bond & Escrow types
    • Disposition Reasons/Hearings/Results
    • Probation Agencies and Contact types
    • Court Rooms
    • Officers, Attorneys, and Judges
    • Notes Classifications
    • And More!
  • Letters and Documents may be created and edited by users as needed and sent to all or only select parties associated with a case.
  • Over 30 analytic reports are available and included. No end of month/date reports or processing is required.
  • Case Information is robust including tracking of defendant information, violation details, trial details, case actions and associated fees (pretrial note(s), charge(s), judgment(s), warrant(s), etc.), unlimited classified notes with attachments,  prior offenses by the defendant, warrant information, letters and documents sent and processed, probation conditions and calendar of dates, and more.
  • A separate Probation module exists to track related probation information with security parameters of who may view and/or update probation information as well as run reports regarding open cases and statistics related to probation.

Integrated with:

  • FMS General Ledger
  • FMS Centralized Cash Receipting
  • CMS Citizen Link (COMING SOON)