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Global Work Order System

The Global Work Order System (GWS) is a simplified application used to centralize any number of various work order types an entity or department may generate and wish to track, whether created internally or requests submitted by citizens through the online Citizen Link. Work Orders from GWS, Utility Billing and Fixed Asset preventative maintenance are collected into a single presentation to allow cross-application management.

Highlighted Features include:

  • Central work order database where each is tracked by the type of work requested, location and department assigned, and type of work complete or status
  • A Work Order Scheduling Calendar provides a daily look at work orders to be completed and can be used for scheduling. Scheduling can be organized by employee or by teams.
  • Customized Letters regarding request receipt, status, completion, appreciation and more may be sent, by mail or email, to any interested parties associated with the work order
  • Work orders may be used to track equipment repairs, road work requests, property in need of repair, or other complaints as a few examples. The possibilities are endless and determined by your organization
  • Integration with your preference of a Geographic Information System (GIS)
  • Analytic Reports review the number of Work Orders generated by type and department, status of the orders, and average days to process and complete work orders, among other report types

Additional Citizen Link Module:

  • The site’s style sheet will mimic your organization’s home web page as to not confuse visitors.
  • Zero promotion of ADG.
  • Citizens and/or internal personnel may submit requests by entering a problem, physical location, an email address to be notified of progress, as well as enter their email address to inquire about previously submitted problems and their results.
  • Requests submitted will directly integrate back into GWS in real time for back-end management.
  • Internet Protocol (IP) address tracking and storage is used to discourage abuse of this opportunity.

Integrated with:

  • Utility Billing System Work Orders
  • Fixed Assets System Work Orders
  • FMS Accounts Payable
  • FMS Inventory Control
  • FMS Payroll