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Sales Tax & Business Licensing System

The Sales Tax & Business Licensing System (STS) allows municipalities to administer their own business licenses and optionally collect sales, and similar business, tax revenues. STS centralizes business licensing with tax and other revenue posting and collection so managing business customer accounts is simple and concise. Additional functions make this process seamless by a logical flow where municipalities may choose to use a few or all features to be as simple or as robust as needed to meet requirements.

Highlight Features:

  • A single business customer may have multiple business locations within their master file. Each business location may have separate contact information, licenses and taxes, accounts receivables, delinquency records, custom user defined business fee calculations and informational fields/questions, as well as unlimited notes with attachments
  • Custom, Unlimited Tax Codes may have an associated license with expiration date or duration period, date the rates and fees are effective so users may post historical returns using the appropriate rates, individual penalties, discounts, interests, and deductions, as well as separate General Ledger account distributions and required approvals
  • Accounts may be divided and reported upon by Sector/SIC/NAICS #, Group, and/or Area location
  • Letters for various functions are user defined and automatically sent requesting a license renewal, notification of open accounts receivables, delinquencies, system calculated errors on submitted/entered returns, and any other miscellaneous user defined letters the organization would like to send to customer accounts
  • License Renewals, Tax Returns, and Miscellaneous Receipts and/or Charges may all be entered into one work file. A separate program is utilized to cancel a return due to non-sufficient funds, or amend a return to post adjustments. As data is entered, the system will auto-calculate correct amounts due with a display of errors entered, if any
  • Over 40 reports are available for revenue analysis, projection, and account inquiries

Additional STS Citizen Link includes:

  • An online portal for business customers to access their account and, if allowed:
    •  Manage business locations.
    • Add/edit contacts.
    • File Sales Tax returns.
    • Purchase licenses.
    • make payments online using selected 3rd party payment processors.
  • The online portal is accessible through your organizations home web site and mimics it’s design with zero promotion of ADG
  • Real time integration back into STS for a user to review submissions and update accounts

Integration with:

  • FMS General Ledger
  • FMS Centralized Cash Receipting
  • Location Codes within Utility Billing, Building Permit, and Special Assessments Systems
  • STS Citizen Link