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Special Assessments System

The Special Assessments System (SAS) is a simple-to-use, effective method for creating and managing property assessments. SAS controls all facets of the process, from assessment creation to payment collection.

Highlighted Features Include:

  • Assessment creation against residential or commercial properties using a Property Master database containing locations found within additional ADG Applications including Utility Billing, Sales Tax & Business Licensing, and Building Permit Systems
  • Easy-to-create ordinances, with user controlled elements such as interest, paving rates, filing fees, and non-payment penalties
  • Definition of payment durations types such as 12 monthly payments or 4 quarterly payments
  • SAS calculates property ordinance assessments amounts and bill totals as data is entered
  • A simple billing program pulls assessments to bill into a work file for a user to review and update property master files and accounts receivables
  • Payment posting has a logical and speedy flow with a display of current amounts owed per property
  • Reports include Ordinance Status and Payments by Date Range along with a Property/Ordinance Inquiry program for view-only purposes

Integrated with:

  • FMS General Ledger
  • FMS Centralized Cash Receipting
  • Location Codes from within Utility Billing, Sales Tax & Business Licensing, and Building Permit Systems

The top record of the data grid will always display the last record entered or edited. This is not a duplicate line record as there is only one within the property profile