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Utility Billing System

The Utility Billing System (UBS) was designed to simplify daily tasks performed by both back and front end personnel. These tasks include generating bills, posting cash, managing accounts receivables, processing delinquent accounts, resolving customer inquiries, running reports, integrating with financials, and more. Whatever the service may be, metered/meter-related/flat, UBS incorporates strict parameters and setups ensuring calculations, data entry, and processing are verified while preventing commonly made mistakes by users.

Highlighted Features Include:

  • Robust Master files with default parameters control your unique business functions, regulations, and operations while preventing erroneous billings, calculations and duplicate entries. Upon conversion and with on-going support, ADG simplifies your Master files by defining Cycle Billings, Available Services, Billing Rate Tables, Meter/Bin Inventories, Read Routes, Tax Tables, Penalty Tables, and more
  • Track your own custom information as it relates to customers, locations, and/or services. We also encourage user defined custom letters, notices, and emails
  • Customer and Location accounts are updated to track billings, usage, penalties, write-offs, payments, automatic payments, receivables, adjustments, disconnects, disconnect exemption(s), services, work orders, notes with attachments, warnings, custom miscellaneous questions, and more
  • Logical process flow from pre-billing duties, to handling of accounts, all the way through reporting and analysis for revenue projection
  • Drill-down Customer Account Inquiries
  • Smart Grid and GIS integration capable
  • Work Order Management and Reporting
  • Included Backflow Tracking module

Utility Billing Citizen Link information:

  • An online portal for utility/service consumers to access  certain account information from your organization’s home web site in real time
  • Depending on your controls, customers may:
    • Manage their account by billed locations
    • Manage third party or additional account contacts
    • Opt-in to receiving bills via mail, email, or both
    • View previous account transactions
    • View consumption by service
    • Make online payments via supported third party processors.
    • Enroll in automatic payment withdrawals
    • When integrated with Smart Grid systems, customers may view daily consumption by period (peak,off-peak), with analysis by prior period and optionally including daily temperature displays.

Integrated with:

  • FMS General Ledger
  • FMS Centralized Cash Receipting
  • Global Work Order System
  • Location information is integrated with Building Permit, Code Enforcement, Sales Tax & Business Licensing, and Special Assessments Systems.