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Fixed Assets System

The Fixed Assets System (FAS) is designed to manage, maintain, and track organizations assets whether they may be buildings, large land area, fleet vehicles, or a simple component such as an HVAC heat pump. Depreciation is calculated on designated assets and the work-file may be transferred directly to the ADG Fund Management System for posting to the General Ledger. Many additional features are included to achieve the optimal level of asset management an organization would like to utilize.

Highlighted Features:

  • A robust Asset Master file to track asset cost(s), components, location, insurance, maintenance, projects, expenses, custodians, notes with attachments, history, work orders, and more!
  • Loan Amortization scheduling tool with a payment calculation program based on numerous parameters including interest rate, term of loan, loan amount, down payment, etc.
  • Transfer & Disposal requesting, approvals and actions.
  • Asset Auditing programs to assist in a simplified audit process which will even allow for input from a hand-held scanning device to read asset bar code tags.
  • Sundry Item Tracking for items that will not affect or store financial information. Basically track any item you wish.
  • Reports & Inquiries for interested parties to be supplied with and/or have access to.
  • Assets may be designated as Equipment and used within tracking work order requests, costs, and progress by the ADG Global Work Order System.

Included Preventative Maintenance (PM) Module:

  • PM tracks building, vehicle, equipment, or other asset maintenance, costs, scheduling, usage, service plans, and work orders.
  • Multiple maintenance schedules may be maintained per asset based on time (days, weeks, months), mileage (derived from odometer readings when tracking asset costs), or entered manually.
  • Analytical reports examine costs, scheduling, projections, billings, and more.

Integrated with:

  • FMS General Ledger
  • FMS Accounts Payable
  • FMS Payroll
  • Global Work Order System