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Payroll & Human Resources

The ADG Payroll module contains a flexible design that allows operational function to be entirely unique from one organization to the next. We understand every organization operates independently which is why we designed this module to accumulate and report on values important to each entities own specific payroll requirements. Overall, ADG Payroll provides an almost unlimited capacity for payroll processing with a direct interface to the General Ledger and Accounts Payable modules.

Highlighted Features:

  • Organization-defined setup parameters for multiple Cost Centers, Payroll Types, Payroll Buckets, Leave Benefit calculations, payroll calculations based on Position Control group, grades, and steps, as a few examples
  • Rapid processing by minimizing data entry with verification of accuracy and default setups upon entry
  • Separate types of payroll to process (i.e. by employee “group”), including recurring transactions as well as what exception transactions to include. Exceptions may be entered as an additional transaction OR a single, one-time override for any recurring transaction
  • Direct Deposit with printed and/or emailed Notice of Deposits
  • Positive Pay Check Management file to share with your bank(s) for accuracy and verification
  • Check/Bank Reconciliation to void checks, list outstanding checks, and post cleared checks via seamless file transfers with your bank(s)
  • Multiple versions of Salary Projection variations
  • Advanced Payroll Report Writer to create custom reports based on your needs and field requirements in addition to 25+ standard reports

Included Personnel Management Modules:

  • Personnel Maintenance centralizes the following information; retirement status and PERA earnings, leave benefits with available hours inquiry, additional contacts, dependents and beneficiaries, employee training programs/hours/certificates, health records, workers comp claims and results, leave time taken inquiry, personnel action requests inquiry, history of payments inquiry, unlimited notes with attachments, and user-defined custom fields and values.
  • Position Control in which job codes may be applied to employees for consolidating payroll, EEOC, requirements, and qualifications information to a specific position. This job code may also be used when fulfilling new positions through the Applicant Tracking module.
  • Accident Reporting is a simple program for a user to track incidents as they occur with date, time and description, violation if any, witness statements, medical treatment, work leave information, supervisor comments, workers compensation claims, and unlimited notes with attachments and follow-up review dates and costs.
  • Continuing Education & Training Tracking involves tracking user-defined information regarding class attendance, hours, dates, and certificates.

Additional Modules:

  • Open Enrollment is a module geared to decreasing time and effort during your open benefits enrollment period. Simply design available benefit plan selections once, disburse to employees in one click, and finish with the system updating approved and electronically signed selections automatically.
  • Personnel Action Requests allow employees (or supervisors on their behalf) to generate requests for approval. Requests may include department transfers, pay raises or deductions, general employee status, and other HR user-defined fields. Any approved requests will automatically update the employee’s master file record.
  • Applicant Tracking and it’s supplemental Citizen Link module is an efficient way to release job position notifications and track each applicant with their own online, master profile. Many custom fields and areas exist for the department to track what is meaningful to each position and applicant. As new employees are hired, their applicant information is transferred directly and updates both the employee and personnel master file databases.
  • Electronic Time Cards are a central point of access for employees (or supervisors on their behalf) to post and electronically sign off on hours worked, leave time taken, and expense reimbursement. Email notifications are generated when approvals, reviews, and signatures are required as well as when new time cards are available. Once approved, the payroll department has little work to do. Electronic Time Cards also store benefit enrollment selections and personnel action requests. Time card data can be captured using selected swipe, RFID and biometric devices using an integrated additional module.