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Established in 1983, American Data Group has continued to evolve to be the perfect partner for government and public-service software. With an active developing team and constant communication to our current customers, we continue to provide cutting edge programs that are relevant, necessary and advantageous to each government entity. We understand the unique nature of each client, which is why we emphasize the following:

Complete Data Conversions

To accommodate the differences of everyone, we customize the even based on individual timing and needs with a logical, adaptable flow. With 40 years in the field, we've developed (and will continue developing) programs that perform complete and smooth system conversions.

Inform ADG specialists what data history you'd liked captured from a previous system and it'll be converted directly to our Web programs on your behalf. Working together we clean up fields, codes and any organizational changes desires. Committed o transparency, the converted data is available online for review to ensure absolute correctness prior to publication. This process, including the extensive training, may take as little as 60 days

Direct & Friendly Support

Our open-door policy lets you dodge the spiderweb of trying to connect with our specialists. ​

We offer remote, on-going support directly to your end user via Go Meet Now web conferencing product. 

Annual maintenance and support agreements allow for free assistance with basic questions and inquiries. Further training is available by request. ​​

ADG software includes a feature for you to create your own Online Help Notes that are attached directly to a specific program for future reference and make sense to your own organization’s uniqueness.

A Private Cloud

The software will be installed on your choice of database and operating system and accessed through your own internal private cloud. We provide the source code at no additional cost for your IT staff to have easy access for maintenance. The cloud is available to remote workers as well.

We maintain the software upgrades with our maintenance and support agreement which is based annually, NOT locking anyone into a fixed, expensive long-term contract. Your ADG Project Leader will keep your software current with automatic releases and updates.

​In the year 2022  ADG was acquired by Tripleview Technologies. With this acquisition, ADG consolidated its portfolio and added the technology edge to its offerings. Today, ADG has further strengthened its presence in the Local Government Software domain, and will continue to advance with revised cutting edge technology. 



We help you achieve more by doing less

"There are a lot of great software products on the market today but most do not provide the levels of service or support ADG has made us accustomed to receiving. Your great software is backed up by great people. I grade other vendor’s service and support based on the high bar that ADG has set."

Mike Steinke, MCSE,

Information Technology Manager

City of Wheat Ridge, Colorado

"The City of Auburndale and ADG have been partnered for over 10 years. We have found their programs and applications to be easy to work with and their support technicians are extremely knowledgeable and expeditious in resolving any issues that may arise."

Kaye Byrd, Utility Billing Superintendent

City of Auburndale, Florida

Contact us today to see how you can experience the ADG difference!
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