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ADG Cloud

Team Working in the System Room

Industry leading solution

Built on the Azure GovCloud environment the ADGCloud solution leverages Microsofts ongoing investment ($1B annually) in cloud technologies and infrastructure to offer a solution optimized to your ADG system requirements. Microsoft's multi-layered security supported by a team of team of more than 3,500 global cybersecurity experts, custom hardware engineered for the cloud and over 200 available services positions ADGCloud with the market leaders in an environment specifically for government

The ADGCloud solution includes all the features of our on-premise product

Moving to the cloud should not mean you need to comprise. If you are an existing customer or looking to migrate to our Enterprise Application Suite of local government products we offer all the functionality our customers appreciate and need in the cloud and we offer in our on-premise private cloud solution. 

The ADG solution was built for the cloud with a long history in browser enabled product development. ADG has been preparing for emergence of today's cloud environments. We did not need to refactor or redevelopment our product for the cloud or apply slight of hand to make it work and our solutions have 15+ years of real world usage so you can be confident it will work for you. 

Service Level

The ADGCloud offers a server uptime of 99.5% to ensure that your ADG software is available when you need it.

In the event of a disaster our recover times mean you are back in business quickly and with limited disruption or data loss.

  • RTO 24 hours

  • RPO 1 hour (documents: 24 hours)

  • 14 day back-in-time recovery

If you need to step back in time we have you covered with our data backup. 

  • 3 end-of-month rotating archive

  • End-of-year statutory archive

Multiple Environments

The ADGCloud supports multiple database instances beyond your daily production system. If you need to replicate your productions system for training or testing the ADG support team can help. ​

Talk to us to learn more

For pricing and additional details contact your sales agent or email us at ​

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